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for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction,
Codependency, Binge Eating,
Eating Disorders, Gambling and Compulsive Behaviors.

Rehab 4 Sheep Publishing founded by Marcy Hawkins, publishes Christian 12 Step workbooks and resources. We are currently launching HE RESTORES MY SOUL: A 12 Step Journey through PSALM 23, a recovery Bible study and Christian 12 Step workbook series. Men, women, and families suffering from the devastating effects of alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive gambling and other mental health issues are finding God’s truth to guide and shepherd their actions.

Codependency, people-pleasing, perfectionism, abuse, trauma, divorce, anger, anxiety, depression, and loss are a few of the other issues that can be helped by the recovery process outlined in our current workbook series: BOOK ONE ‡กใ DISCOVERY, BOOK TWO ‡กใ DECISION, AND BOOK THREE ‡กใ DESIRES.

The workbook series makes studying the 12 Steps of recovery a unique experience because each step is coupled with one line of the poem. The more we learn about the sheep and shepherd terminology, the better we understand the metaphor of Psalm 23. Our Shepherd, Jesus, watches over all His flock. He sees the big picture and He will direct our steps under His loving care. Whether used as a self-help Christian 12 Step workbook, Bible study, or in a Christian 12 Step support group, the material is easily accessible, effective, and alive with the truth of God’s WORD.

HE RESTORES MY SOUL: A 12 Step Journey through PSALM 23 helps us to look to God and to get away from the faces of idols that are binding our thinking. The real test of spiritual focus is being able to bring our thoughts under control. The questions in the recovery workbooks give good cause to identify, change, and practice new ways of thinking and behaving while always seeking God’s strength for the psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of our recovery.

“Marcy Hawkins makes the steps of recovery come alive through David’s PSALM 23. Every Christian will be blessed with this study, learning that God loves them, has a purpose for them, and defends them through all life’s struggles ‡กใ just as David discovered! Marcy’s professional and personal experience with recovery makes these workbooks a ‘must have’ for any individual struggling with life’s ups and downs!” ‡กใ Carla McRee, Associate Director, Shepherd’s Gate.

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